Sara Kosar
Currently, I am attending Florida Atlantic University studying Oriental
I practiced yoga throughout my high school years. Yoga has made such a huge
positive impact on my life. Yoga truly changed my life.  I was inspired to
teach because I want to share my experience with others.  I do wish that I
started as a young child.

I am certified in the Barkan method of hot yoga levels 1 and 2. This
extensive training provided me with the knowledge behind the yoga postures,
stretches and lineage. Yoga is a way of life!
Kids: This class is designed to invite children to use their imagination and
creative minds to visualize what the yoga postures imitate within the
environment. Students will practice postures for physical strength,
flexibility, concentration and balance.  This class is especially great for
boys with excess energy- it's very calming. (ages 6-10 are welcomed)
Tween: Young adults will learn to build self-esteem and a positive body
image while creating a balance of flexibility and strength for the body and
mind connection. Students have fun while gaining confidence, focus, and
coping skills. Research studies prove that yoga is great before a big test
or any stressful situation. ((ages 11-14 are welcomed)

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